Is your company one of the 80% of
that has savings and refunds
with utilities and
telecommunications invoices
?  Let us
answer this question at no risk.

National Utility Review will utilize its team of expense
verification experts to help you make sense of confusing
invoices and
contracts to ensure you are receiving the most
efficient pricing along with the best services available with your
current providers.   
Company Overview

National Utility Review provides off-site billing and contract
reviews for utilities (electric, gas and water) and
telecommunications (local and long distance telephone,
cellular telephone and data/internet).    
Savings and Refunds Success Rates

We have found 80% of the time we can offer savings
recommendations and/or recover refunds while reviewing utility
accounts.  This percentage is increased to 90% while
performing the telecommunications billing review.

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Our experts have recovered
refunds and have saved clients
millions of dollars in utilities and
telecommunications costs.
We have sixteen years or more
experience in utilities and
telecommunications auditing.
All reviews are performed off-site
and at NO RISK!